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U Pipe Direct Flow Double Manifold System

Logical Energy are the sole distributors for the German certified evacuated pUre Logo web no shadow tube collectors manufactured to EN12975. Carefully selected for performance, aesthetics, ease of installation and lack of required maintenance, these MCS approved collectors represent the best value per kW of any system on the market and outperform most other branded solar collectors. Solar Keymarked, these premium performing collectors qualify for both the domestic and commercial Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI)

Clean Advantage

Direct Flow is a very simple system that works in a similar fashion to a conventional flat plate collector but with the benefit of vacuum insulation. These collectors represent a giant leap forward in solar heating technology.

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☰ What is a pUre tube

U-Pipe collectors have the same copper tube as a traditional heat pipe collector, but it instead bends around on itself at the bottom of the glass tube and returns directly into the double manifold. This enables the heat transfer fluid to travel through the tube for direct gain from solar radiation. As this heat transfer fluid is heated, it is pumped around the collector tubes and eventually passes through the secondary coil in the hot water storage cylinder.


☰ pUre Tube Specifications

  • 758 kWhm² output – 58 mm x 1800 tubes
  • 1 x 16 tube array will provide enough hot water for a 160-200 litre cylinder
  • Strongest frame in its class - no unattractive strengthening struts
  • Can be installed vertically, horizontally & on flat roofs/ walls - allowing flexibility of system design and installation.
  • U pipe collectors have a smaller footprint than Heat Pipe & Flat plate systems - Less visually intrusive
  • No parabolic mirror - No efficiency decrease during service lifetime.
  • Direct flow U pipe technology - More rapid heat transfer
  • Suitable for mains pressure water
  • Pre-assembled in 6, 10 and 16 tube arrays - no roof assembly required
  • Ideal for flat roof and Inclined up to 90°
  • Black anodised aluminium casing and frame-corrosion proof sleek single colour design
  • Operate up to 6 Bar - tested to 9 Bar
  • Dry tubes - Quick & easy replacement in situ without draining system
  • Tested to withstand 25 mm hailstones @ 23m/s
  • Outperform flat plates - Autumn , Winter & Spring
  • Operates at temperatures of -40°C
  • 22 mm male copper manifold fitting – "plug and play" design provides fast and simple installation.
  • Individually serial numbered - for commissioning and warranty
  • 15 Year Warranty on Tubes

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 Flat Plate Panels

Solar Thermal-websmall

Logical Energy flat plate systems were the first in the world to offer a 2.1m² collector. We use laser welding to bond a number of copper tubes to the front collector panel, resulting in a very sturdy construction. Distinguishing features of the Logical Energy Collectors are their optimised aperture area, their high efficiency and elegant design, as well as simple and flexible installation. The new collector housing contains laser- welded Cu or Al absorbers with 2 or 4 connectors. The rigorous prevention of thermal bridges allows the highest output levels. The secure glass mount featuring two separate sealing levels made of UV-resistant material guarantee ultimate product reliability and durability. The frame profiles are manufactured from high-strength, corrosion-protected aluminium.

Our standard collector models are certified with the Solar Keymark.

☰ Quality

Quality-flatLogical Energy Solar Thermal panels are made to very high standards and include a number of unique features. For instance, our panels have a clever vent system on each corner. This helps to avoid condensation, as inferior panels are slower in the morning when they can contain condensation. The sun will quickly dry this up but it means it takes longer for the system to get to 100% efficiency. Our systems feature air flow running diagonally from top to bottom that keeps them free from condensation. We also put a small drain aperture on the base of the unit so any water inside can escape - meaning the insulation is kept dry, avoiding decay and odour.

For flat plate collectors, we fabricate the frame from one continuous piece of aluminium, making it 5 times stronger to resist high wind forces. The absorber is held in place by springs at each corner so in shipping or installation it will not move more than it is supposed to. The collectors also use thermal bridge techniques – as copper and aluminium expand at different rates - so there is less risk of buckling or cracks in the tubes.

☰ Features

  • Tough and rigid construction from a single piece of metal to provide higher tensile strength when mounted on roof
  • Attractive, shallow profile that allows flush roof mounting
  • Elegant and ergonomic design complements many roof tile styles
  • Unique diagonal ventilation systems allowing high efficiency levels and longevity with no condensation
  • Powder coated frame for anti-rust protection
  • The copper pipes are mounted on the absorber and precision laser welded in to position
  • The Solar Absorber is mounted on springs at each corner to ensure it remain in position to maximize output
  • Solar keymark certification confirms excellent performance levels
  • Products available to suit installations of 2 or 3 collectors or 4 or 5 collectors on same property.

☰ Downloads

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