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Siliken offers 25-year linear power guarantee

Purchasing Siliken modules is nothing short of a safe bet, thanks to both their efficiency and their safety. Siliken’s linear guarantee ensures maximum power of its modules for 25 years. Such a guarantee is only provided by a very small number of manufacturing companies worldwide.

The 25-year linear power guarantee is a reflection of the level of reliability of Siliken photovoltaic modules; always with the clear objective of offering continuous improvement to the service it offers its customers. This guarantee ensures a 97 percent performance level for the module during the first year. From the second year through to the 25th year the performance of the module is guaranteed with a degradation level of less than or equal to 0.7 pecent per year.

The linear guarantee for Siliken modules, which is provided at no additional cost and which is immediately applicable, has been implemented in accordance with the company’s aim of offering its customers the best possible service and results from the company’s in-depth knowledge of its products.

All photovoltaic modules suffer a certain degree of degradation that directly affects their power. With this linear guarantee, customers can check the performance of their modules every year and ask for a replacement if they do not meet the minimum requirements.

Siliken Goes Further
Siliken photovoltaic modules can be installed on both independent systems and grid connected systems, and are suitable for use on solar farms, industrial rooftops, for architectural integration or residential installations. They cover power ranges of up to 310 Wp with efficiencies of up to 16 percent and have a power tolerance of +3/0 percent.

Furthermore, Siliken modules are SGS certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 and have obtained product certifications under Standards EN (IEC) 61215:2005, EN (IEC) 61730:2007 Safety Class A and EN (IEC) 61701:1999 Salt Mist Corrosion Testing from TÜV Rheinland and under Standard UL 1703 from Underwriters Laboratories and Intertek ETL for applications around the world. Siliken has also recently been issued with the Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) seal of approval, making its photovoltaic modules suitable for all types of photovoltaic installation in the United Kingdom.

Siliken, Innovation Experience
Siliken is an international company that focuses its activities on the development of solutions for the renewable energy sector and the field of photovoltaic solar energy in particular. Siliken's activities range from the production of solar grade silicon through to the manufacture of equipment and components, as well as promotion, maintenance and after-sales services for photovoltaic installations. Siliken has two module manufacturing plants, one silicon production plant and an inverter manufacturing plant in Spain. At an international level, Siliken has module production plants in the US, Mexico, Canada and Romania and has sales offices on several continents. Siliken is continuing with its international expansion process, consolidating its position as a leading company in the world of renewable energy.

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