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Japan’s Tariff a Boon for Solar Energy

In a recent Penny Stock Detectives article, editor Danny Esposito points out that after the Fukushima disaster, Japan has been looking to replace much of its nuclear energy with other green energy alternatives. Esposito notes that beginning this July, Japan has made it clear that solar energy is being made a priority through a generous tariff.

“The Industry Minister of Japan set a premium price for solar energy at three times the rate of conventional power, meaning companies will be paid three times the regular rate for conventional power if they provide green energy, which can only benefit any solar investment,” observes Esposito.

Bloomberg estimates that this generous tariff will generate $9.6 billion in new solar investments that will produce enough power to replace three nuclear energy reactors.

Since the tariff is almost twice what Germany offers, it is possible that Japan will jump to second in the world when it comes to solar investments, only behind China. Japan is sixth in the world when it comes to solar power installations, but this announcement will change the landscape, believes Esposito.

Solar stocks around the world jumped on the news of the tariff, because not only does it justify solar energy as a viable green energy, but it also means more solar investment money will be pouring into Japan, Esposito comments.

More solar panels for rooftops will need to be manufactured to allow Japanese homes to use solar energy. Not to mention the solar installations that need to be built in order to generate solar energy.

As soon as the announcement was made, solar panel maker Yingli Green Energy Holding Company Limited of China said it would set up a division in Japan so it could expand its business there. Kyocera Corporation of Japan knows that foreign companies will be looking to take advantage of the opportunity, so it immediately announced an expansion of its solar investment initiatives, says Esposito.

Panasonic Corporation also plans to take advantage of the surge in demand that should be coming from solar investments in Japan by expanding its solar panel plant in Malaysia, notes Esposito.

He also reports that Solar Frontier of Japan believes the timing couldn’t be better on the green energy announcement. Its solar investment over the last few years has yielded a new type of panel that the company feels it’s ready to introduce the product into the now hot market of Japan.

“Solar Frontier won’t be alone,” Esposito argues. “Other green energy firms around the world will be targeting Japan on this announcement. If the initiative in Japan is successful, investors will wonder what countries are next, which could make solar investments for investors an exciting place to be.”

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