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A Green Provider

Beth SummersNo one likes to open an electricity bill only to get “shocked” by the high rate. So if consumers of electricity and natural gas were given the choice to pay more for energy produced in a green way, would they willingly do so? Surprisingly, the answer is yes, according to Beth Summers, CFO of Just Energy Group Inc., a leading, competitive North American retail-energy provider.

Operating in 13 US states and 6 Canadian provinces, Just Energy appeals to deregulated markets where consumers can choose their energy supplier.

Summers has spent her entire career working in the energy sector, once serving as executive vice president and CFO at Hydro One, and also as a chartered accountant at Ernst & Young. She explains that this complex market is dependent on a number of factors, including whether an area is regulated or deregulated.

“Our focus has expanded significantly to offer residential and commercial consumers green-energy alternatives through renewable-energy credits and carbon-offset projects that enable them to offset the emissions associated with their everyday energy consumption,” Summers explains. “Essentially, the green-energy technologies that we invest in mean we’re putting more choice and control in the hands of consumers who want to act now to reduce their ecological footprint.”

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